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The Next Big Thing Summit

19th April 2016
Melbourne Convention Centre

About The Event

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Learn from the best and the brightest

Why Attend?

Hear global innovators from world leading brands discuss strategies for success in an age of disruption

Learn how crowd-based business models will impact on almost every industry

Understand how augmented reality is being used to help workers and engage consumers

Hear how machine learning is being applied for better decision making and increased productivity

See how connectivity, big data and analytics are changing the world

Get insights into the future of customer experience and how customers and companies will interact in the future

Learn how to create a culture of innovation, speed and agility

Understand how to embrace change while managing risk

Be part of something BIG!

Who Should Attend?

  • CEO's and business owners...need to future-proof and grow their business by identifying threats and opportunities
  • Business function managers and leaders…need to access the people, ideas and technologies that will make them more productive, efficient and competitive
  • Technologists…need to learn how to collaborate with others in the leadership team and manage technical projects to drive transformation
  • Technology providers…need to find buyers, meet partners and stimulate demand for their products and solutions
  • Investors...need to understand the next big technology trends and investment opportunities